CU Lebanon Juniors


The CU Lebanon Juniors is open to boys and girls born between 2012 and 2017. Designed to help each child better understand the game, it is the bridge between recreational and competitive soccer in a fun, safe, organized program that provides a positive environment for learning the basic fundamentals of the sport (first touch, passing, receiving, dribbling). Some key objectives are: 

-Develop fundamental skills
-Promote physical fitness
-Motivate & challenge each player through various, fun activities
-Learn the rules of the game
-Teach proper sportsmanship
-Foster a passion for the game  

Cost - between $89 and $199

When/Where is the training held?  

Training is held at McClure Soccer complex, depending on the program selected (age group) will depend on which night(s) each team trains. 

Fun Fours train once per week with Festival teams training twice per week. 

Do they play games?
Our Fun Fours play games on a Sunday afternoon. This season we have our 2016 and 2015s playing 4 v 4 with no goalie. This game format encourages multiple touches on the ball, which in turn will provide each player with more confidence! 

Our Festival teams play games on a Saturday morning between 9-12 pm. These teams play 5 v 5, and like the Fun Fours, 5 v 5 will encourage more touches on the ball which will provide more confidence to each player!