Juniors North - Spring 2022

Juniors North - Spring 2022

Spring 2022 

Future Stars 

Our Future Stars program is the foundation and entry age groups into our club. This program is for the 2018 and 2017 age groups. This program will be taking place on Saturday afternoons and will be lead by our professional club staff. 

Start Date: April 9th

End Date: May 21st

This program includes training shirts.


Fun Fours 

For the 2017 and 2016 age groups, our Fun Fours program is a more inclusive program which gives the kids in these age groups the chance to practice one day per week (midweek) and also play games (4 v 4) on the weekend. This program is also staffed and lead by our professional club staff members.

Start Date: April 9th

End Date: May 21st

This program includes game jerseys. 


Festival Fives 

For our oldest age groups, our 2014 and 2015s, our program here crosses over with our Development League Program (for more information, click here) This program allows a more flexible schedule, with this program offering one day per week training and an optional training session and games (5 v 5) on the weekend. 

This program includes game jerseys. 


Technical Fives 

An optional training session for our 2014, 2015 and 2016 players, each session will have a different theme throughout the season. This is a training only option, each session will be built around game play which will optimize the amount of meaningful touches each player will get on the ball. 


Training and Game Locations 

Our training locations include:

Voice of America (Lakota/Monroe) 

Hope Church (Sycamore/Mason) 

McClure Soccer Complex 

Grace Chapel (Mason)

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Training Schedule 

Training Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:15-6:15 2017 FF 2017 FF 2016 FF 2016 FF
6:20-7:20 2014/2015 Boys 2014/2015 Girls 2014/2015 Girls 2014/2015 Boys
  Lakota Mason Lakota Mason

Future Stars/Fun Fours Game Schedule 

Game Schedule Grace Chapel  
2-3 pm Future Stars 2018 Future Stars 2017
3-4 pm 2017 FF 2017 FF
4-5 pm 2016 G FF 2016 G FF
5-6 pm 2016 B FF 2016 B FF


Please note, the above is for Saturdays. 

Our game schedule for the Festival Fives will be uploaded shortly! Please check our Social Media for updates!