CU/CUP Teams Dominate Ohio South State Cup

Cincinnati United Soccer Club dominated the Ohio South State Cup competition this month. When the event concluded, the club took home 11 State Cup titles, 5 finalists trophies, and 5 appearances in the semifinals. This was more than any other club on the girls and boys side in the

state. On the girls side, the club had at least one team in every age group's final.


"What an impressive showing from our CUP girls and boys teams at State Cup," said Bobby Puppione, CUP Girls Director of Coaching. "We are very proud of all of our players and coaches for the work they have put in to be crowned State Cup champions. These titles were earned through the hard work and commitment to development from all involved."



CUP 06 South Girls

CUP 05 North Girls

CUP 05 Gold Boys

CUP 04 Gold Girls

CUP 04 Gold Boys

CUP 03 Gold Girls

CUP 03 Gold Boys

CUP 02 Gold Girls

CUP 00 Gold Girls

CUP 00 Gold Boys

CUP 98 Gold Girls


CUP 06 North Girls

CUP 03 Black Girls

CUP 01 Gold Girls

CUP 99 Gold Girls

CUP 99 Gold Boys



CUP 05 North II Girls

CUP 02 Black Girls

CUP 02 Gold Boys

CUP 01 Black Boys

CUP 99 Black Girls


Later this month, the club will send multiple girls and boys teams back to Dayton to compete in the Ohio South President's Cup competition.

Good luck to all the teams this weekend! And congrats to all the players and coaches on their success. Best of luck at Regionals and Nationals! Way to go CU/CUP!